To learn more about practicing the theories of evolution in medicine and more, please check out these online links.

  • The Evolutionary Medicine Review, “a new scientific publication created by and for the community of scientists, scholars, clinicians and teachers working at the interface of evolution and medicine/public health.”
  • Centre for Human Evolution, Adaptation and Disease is hosted by the University of Auckland; the centre conducts research on how present (ecological) and past (evolutionary and developmental) interactions with the environment influence human health and disease.
  • To read more on the latest evolutionary research and its applications to health, medicine, zoology and more, visit science journalists Carl Zimmer and Ed Yong at their blogs hosted by National Geographic, The Loom and Not Exactly Rocket Science.
  • For all of your Darwinian needs, visit Darwin Online and check out his publications, letters and private papers.
  • Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics brings togethers genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and diseases.

Or maybe you like reading on paper. Here are some suggested books and textbooks.


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