Antibiotic Resistance in Louisiana

Everyday the medical community is confronted by the realities of evolution in practice, through the extraordinary genetic capacities of microbes that lead to continually advancing levels of antibiotic resistance. The Evolutionary Approaches to Medicine interest group is hosting the lecture “Preventing Antibiotic Resistance: The Louisiana Program” by Dr. Raoult Ratard, the State Epidemiologist of the Office of Public Health in the Department of Health and Hospitals. Dr. Ratard will address how the evolution of antimicrobial resistance affects physicians, patients, and the state of Louisiana, and how we can properly address and mitigate its threat to our community.

We would like to extend an open invitation to everyone in the LSU community and to the city of New Orleans to attend the lecture on Monday, November 10th from 4-5 pm on the third floor of the LSU-HSC’s Medical Education Building (MEB) Lecture Room S4.

Dr. Ratard will also address the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the recent initiatives taken by the State of Louisiana to prevent its importation here in the state. We hope to see you there!


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